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Концерн Danish Crown проверит новую технологию производства убойных свиней без приенения антибиотиков. Как ожидается, тестирование начнется в декабре.

Danish Crown

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Четверг, 21 Июня 2012 00:00

Significant boost to Danish Crown's trade with China

When Kjeld Johannesen signs an agreement with Shineway, the largest meat-processing company in China, on Friday, it will mark the start of a much larger agreement than originally expected.

It is this week's visit to China and to Shineway which has paved the way for the supply of 20,000 tonnes instead of the 3,000 tonnes originally agreed.

Пятница, 26 Августа 2011 11:20

Danish Crown – new factory to be built in US

Danish Crown is now ready with plans for a new factory in Council Bluffs in the US to future-proof Plumrose USA, which has had problems in recent years keeping up with demand.
Solid organic growth and extensive cooperation with the largest American supermarket chains in recent years explains why Plumrose USA has found it difficult to keep pace with the interest in its products.

Пятница, 04 Марта 2011 00:00

Danish Crown’s Tender Pork heads for the Netherlands

Danish Crown, one of the largest pig slaugterhouses in Europe, aims to make its Tender Pork product available to Dutch butchers. Jakob Sogaard, responsible for Benelux sales, has stated that the first results in the Netherlands have shown strong promise.


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