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Среда, 06 Апреля 2011 00:00

EU Pig Prices: Optimistic Mood with Situation Steady To Friendly

The mood proves to be optimistic on the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market this week. Germany is ahead with its plus-2-cents’ increase. The Dutch quotation, as expected, follows suit. With its corrected 1.2 cents, the Belgian price increase was a little weaker than was anticipated.

In Great Britain, they clearly are a step ahead: There, the price went up noticeably for the second time in a row by as much as 2.4 corrected cents. Thus, the British are approaching the Spanish peak value. Great Britain is looking ahead in the anticipation of considerably lower quantities of pigs for slaughter being on offer over the next weeks and of increasing demand for pork related to the numerous public holidays in April.

The Danish were not able to continue their last week’s price increase. The quotation stabilised on the level already achieved. Thus, the Danish lost the price advantage they had over the Germans. First bits of bitterness are yet caused by private storage of pork: With the storage only just ending, the slaughter companies’ focus already is on evacuation again which is planned for the beginning of May. But for a start, spring kicks off with warmer temperatures and more vivid demand for pork.

Trend for Germany: Even larger quantities of pigs mature for slaughter can be placed with the slaughter companies. At the end of the week, the wages are paid and the mild temperatures might cause the consumers to buy the first barbecue meat presented at the counters. According to this, the prospects may be assumed positive.

Source and copyright: ISN e.V., Damme, http://www.schweine.net, 29.03.2011

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