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Среда, 02 Февраля 2011 00:00

EU Pig Prices: Germany Continues Pursuit Race

The atmosphere is very optimistic on the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market this week. Some quotations rise rapidly and above all does the German quotation with its 13 cents' increase. This way, Germany still continues the pursuit race which followed the drastic drop in prices which came about two weeks ago. The Dutch are thus expelled down to the lowest ranking within the European price structure related to the six European richest in pigs. Nevertheless, prices have not yet returned to the level they held before the price drop.

Prices are reported to have clearly increased in Denmark and Spain. Marginal price increases are reported on from France. In Sweden, prices have increased just slightly, which is attributed to currency fluctuations. The prices are said to not have changed or even be slightly declining in Ireland and Great Britain.

Trend for Germany: The producers were expected to be less reluctant to sell at the beginning of the week, yet they are not. So the quantities of pigs mature for slaughter on offer in Germany are not excessive. The slaughter companies hand in their orders swiflty. Therefore, the prices are currently expected to continue to go up noticeably.

Source and copyright: ISN e.V., Damme, http://www.schweine.net, 01.02.2011

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