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Понедельник, 09 Августа 2010 00:00

Sibylla boosts Atria’s international growth


Atria will increase its investments in order to expand and internationalise the Sibylla fast food concept. There are growth opportunities for the concept in all of Atria’s business areas, although the most significant growth expectations are related to the fast food market of Russia’s major cities.

Even if reduction in purchasing power and uncertainty of the economy have depressed the overall demand for food in most cases, the trend has been the reverse in some product groups. One of them is the Fast Food segment. For example, in Finland and Sweden the estimated annual growth of the fast food market is approximately five per cent. In Russia and the Baltic countries, the annual growth is as much as 15 per cent, depending on the area.

Atria’s growth in the fast food market is based on the Sibylla brand, which is one of the best known brands in its country of origin, Sweden. There are almost one thousand Sibylla sales outlets in Sweden. The majority of them are sales outlets based on a franchise agreement and operating at service stations or in other shopping spaces. In Sweden there are also several hundreds of Sibylla kiosks (Sibylla-gatuköket). The second largest Sibylla market area is Poland, where there are some 560 sales outlets. This number will be further increased by a significant multi-customer agreement according to which Atria Concept AB will deliver Sibylla equipment and fast food products to about 260 Shell service stations. There are about 350 sales outlets in the Baltic countries, about 260 in Russia and 160 in Finland.

The international growth of the Sibylla fast food concept will be based on both developing the offering of the existing sales outlets and establishing new sales outlets. The fast food concept organisation will be developed as well. Atria Concept AB, which belongs to the Atria Scandinavia business area, is responsible for the Sibylla fast food concept.

More information on the Sibylla fast food concept can be found at
The website is available in Swedish only.


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