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Пятница, 10 Сентября 2010 10:34

EU Pig Prices: Situation Mostly Steady Altogether

This week, there are only few exemptions to an altogether steady situation on the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market. The French and Danish quotations, unchanged last week, now fell. The Spanish quotation had to be revised downward by four cents now. In Sweden and Great Britain, exchange rate changes are once again the reason for the corrected quotations to change once again.

As a result of the ending holiday season, demand was expected to become brisk again in Great Britain. Prices there were reckoned to increase again. But against the expectations, the prices did not rise. In Spain, the latest decrease of quotations is said to be the result of large quantities of pigs mature for slaughter being on offer. The constant prices reported from the Netherlands are stated to be the consequence of usual quantities on offer and of sufficient pork being available for sales.

Trend: The extensive supply of pigs for slaughter can be placed on the market easily at present. Pork sales to food retailing correspond to supply; so the pig prices are anticipated to remain unchanged.
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