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Вторник, 30 Марта 2010 02:00

EU Pig Prices: Inconsistent Trend throughout Europe

In this current week of slaughter, the pigs-mature-for-slaughter market shows an inconsistent trend all over Europe. While the prices went down in Spain and France, the Danes were able to record a three cents’ price increase. The remaining countries quoted on an unchanged level. As a result of exchange rate changes, the corrected version of the price fell by one cent in Great Britain.

From the Netherlands, the quantities of pigs for slaughter are reported to still be sufficient this week. Yet, no day of slaughter will be omitted there due to a public holiday. In Spain, the unusual fall in prices is said to be caused by the economic crisis and by both the unemployment and the shortfall in spending capacity related to it. Denmark profits by the bettering exports on the global market because of the favourable parity.


Trend: In Germany, supply and demand are well balanced. As with Easter ahead some days of slaughter and commercialisation will be missing this week, the price is expected to be unchanged this coming Thursday. The market participants, however, are optimistically anticipating the first quotation given after Easter.


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