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Четверг, 21 Июня 2012 00:00

Significant boost to Danish Crown's trade with China


When Kjeld Johannesen signs an agreement with Shineway, the largest meat-processing company in China, on Friday, it will mark the start of a much larger agreement than originally expected.

It is this week's visit to China and to Shineway which has paved the way for the supply of 20,000 tonnes instead of the 3,000 tonnes originally agreed.

This week, Danish Crown’s Board of Directors is visiting customers, competitors and business partners in China, and on Wednesday they went to Luohe in the Henan province to visit Shineway, the largest meat-processing company in China and already an importer of Danish Crown products.

On this occasion, Danish CEO Crown Kjeld Johannesen took the opportunity to thank the founder and Chairman of the Board of Shineway, Wan Long, for the fruitful collaboration. Wan Long will not attend the signing of the agreement in Copenhagen on Friday, and it was the meeting on Wednesday which helped form an even closer relationship between the two business partners.

- One of the reasons why we want to import raw materials from Danish Crown is that their food quality and safety standards are extremely high. Among other things, we hope to be able to start exporting our products based on raw materials from Danish Crown, said Chairman of the Board, Wan Long, during the Danish visit.

So even though the agreement to be signed on Friday is for 3,000 tonnes, a direct agreement has already been made for delivery of 20,000 tonnes to the listed Chinese meat business.

- We have enjoyed trading relations with China for the past 15 years, and we have witnessed how many things have changed during this period. As an export company, we now have direct access to the Chinese market thanks to our world-class food safety standards. The food scandals of recent years in China have led to very strict food safety requirements which we are capable of meeting, says Danish Crown CEO Kjeld Johannesen.

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