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Новости Мясной рынок Эстонии и Литвы Estonian meat packing industry behind Latvia, Lithuania
Воскресенье, 06 Июля 2003 02:00

Estonian meat packing industry behind Latvia, Lithuania

Hanjo Schulte, owner of Schulte Lebenmittelstechnik says that Estonians are afraid to make large investments in meat packing industry. “Estonians are most careful, above all they fear to make large investents since they don’t know what is going to happen and how they can return the investment,” says Schulte.
Schulte who has customers in Baltic states and Russia and meat packing plants in Lithuania and Latvia claims that while Lithuania and Latvia are building new plants, Estonian meat packers are only replacing some machinery.

Estonian meat packing professionals disagree and say that Estonia is no worse than Lithuania, and is definitely better than Latvia. Also the largest meat packing plant in the Baltics, Rakvere Lihakombinaat, is located in Estonia and Latvia’s largest meat packer Rigas Miesnieks is a subsidiary of Rakvere.

By figures, top five meat packing industries in Baltic states by turnover in 2001 were Rakvere Lihakombinaat with over 1 billion kroons, followed by Tallegg (Estonia) 488.3 million kroons, Vilniaus Paukstynas (Lithuania) 345.8 million kroons, Valga Lihatööstus (Estonia) 294.2 million kroons and Rigas Miesnieks (Latvia) with 269.2 million kroons.

Estonian meat packing industry is actually No. 1 in the Baltics, emphasises also investment banker Aavo Koppel. He says that in terms of size, Estonian meat industry is at the very top in the Baltics. The country’s leading meat packers Rakvere, Tallegg, Valga and Nõo have all made significant investments in modernization.

Koppel says that Estonians meat packing industry has nothing to be shamed about also in terms of business activity. Rakvere Lihakombinaat is the only company that has acquired a plant in Latvia, Rakvere and Tallegg are the only Baltic meat packers with pan-Baltic sales networks. Lithuanian meat industry has extended only to Latvia as part of the VP Market expansion in Latvia.

Source: BBN – Äripäev
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