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Ruokatalo buys Lithuanian meat brand


Ruokatalo Oyj, the Finnish meat processing company has announced it is buying the Lithuanian meat brand Kalipedos Maistas, as well as its sales and distribution arm from marketing firm Logimpeksas.

The deal will give the Finnish concern a market share of 5% in Lithuania, a figure which it hopes to increase rapidly to between 20% to 25% over the next five years. Although no financial data was released, it is believed Ruokatalo has bagged a good deal. Chef executive officer at Ruokatalo, Simo Palokangas said, "There are no single, strong producer in Lithuania, and we think this is a very good time to enter the market."

Ruokatalo has a strong presence in the Baltic States, and this deal further boosts its position.

In Estonia, the Finnish firm has around a 35% share of the processed meats market, and is also the leader in the poultry sector in Estonia.


In Lithuania, Ruokatalo controls about 20% of the processed meats market.


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