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Показать содержимое по тегу: Euromonitor
Пятница, 08 Июня 2012 00:00

Tough Times for Fresh Beef

On a global level, beef and veal registered the weakest volume growth of all fresh meat categories in 2011 of just 1%. Over the 2006-2011 review period, beef and veal floundered at the bottom of the growth performance chart three times. During this period, the category registered an overall increase of just 7%, compared to poultry's 16%. And not only did poultry display much more dynamism, it also surpassed sales of beef and veal in volume terms by a long way. In 2011, fresh meat volumes of beef and veal amounted to just below 48 million tonnes, while poultry weighed in at 79 million tonnes.

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