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Публикации Упаковка мяса
Упаковка мяса и колбасных изделий
Упаковка мяса и мясных продуктов

Упаковка мяса и мясных продуктов (98)

Оборудование и технологии упаковки мяса и мясных продуктов. Новинки от производителей оборудования и материалов.

Multivac's new T350 traysealer packaging system is the first compact, fully automatic machine available to increase packaging capacity and flexibility while reducing product changeovers. Its small footprint and economical price makes it a perfect machine for small to medium sized companies looking to move into automated processing. The machine's tray transfer system enables filling and finishing simultaneously and a modular stainless design accommodates up to 30 tray packs per minute. A single-track configuration makes it an ideal system for integration into an array of food packaging lines ranging from meat and ready meals to a variety of vegetables and salads. All Multivac traysealing systems are easy to maintain and meet strict food sanitation standards.

Вспышки коровьего бешенства и ящура наносят ощутимые удары по европейским рынкам мяса. Паника, охватившая мясной рынок Европы, самым естественным образом затронула продажу полимерной упаковки…
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