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Публикации Упаковка мяса Multivac traysealers now have Cryovac Mirabella® certification
Понедельник, 29 Марта 2010 00:00

Multivac traysealers now have Cryovac Mirabella® certification


Multivac traysealers have passed the first stage of the certification process for use with the Cryovac Mirabella® system. SealedAir – Cryovac, the company which patented this system, has now certified several traysealers by the Allgäu-based machine manufacturer at its production plant. This certification is a milestone on the way to final certification in live production at a pilot customer's plant and the ultimate goal of industrial implementation of this innovative film. The machines, which are fitted with a new die system, seal trays just as efficiently as the conventional models. And the system is also compatible with previous models. The old machines just need to be retrofitted with the new die and other necessary machine components.

"Case-ready" packs account for two thirds of primal meat cut sales in Europe, and the market share is expected to rise still further. Cryovac Mirabella® film reduces the material used in the packaging of primal meat cuts on the one hand because the trays are shallower than with other types of film, and allows excellent visual presentation of the goods on the other. While meat packed in conventional trays quickly discolors when it comes into contact with the film, the oxygen cushion in Mirabella® film ensures the meat retains its appetizing red color even when it touches the film.

Now Mutlivac has been awarded Mirabella® certification for its traysealer range. Multivac's T 350, T 400 and T 700 traysealers have been equipped with a new die system and seal trays with Mirabella® film just as efficiently as conventional trays. This was confirmed by SealedAir – Cryovac on completion of the stipulated tests at Multivac's factory. Final certification is set to take place soon in live production at a pilot customer's plant.

The Mirabella® concept offers a slimline packaging solution, with an effect similar to conventional MAP protective gas packaging, and a reduction in the packaging height of up to 40 %. The Mirabella® film, however, requires a highly sophisticated die in the packaging machine, because it consists of two layers which must be shrunk with precision control.

If the die, which heats the film to the correct shrink temperature, is not heated sufficiently, the film creases, detracting from the appearance of the pack and putting off the consumer. Conversely, if the die becomes too hot, the two layers of film stick together, with the result that the cushion of air provided by the "Mirabella" film will be too small to store sufficient oxygen. The oxygen cushion between the layers of film has to be big enough to ensure that the meat retains its appetizing red color, even if it touches the film in places.

When awarding the certificate the Cryovac test team, therefore, examines the appearance of the packaging on the one hand - the film must be free from creases and not curl up at the edge of the tray - and checks that the pack is sealed, even when the edges are heavily contaminated, on the other. To do this they brush the edges of the tray with pig's and cow's blood before the integrity test.

Temperature monitoring system at the center
The centerpiece of Multivac's die for processing Mirabella® film is an innovative, patented temperature monitoring system for the so-called product protection plates. These plates are used to adjust the machine control system to the requirements of the Cryovac film so that its behavior can be precision controlled, and to ensure that it is evenly heated.

The Cryovac Mirabella® certified traysealers are no different from conventional machine models in terms of output, ease of use, and maintenance. Cycle times for evacuation, gas flushing and sealing are the same, and the product protection plates are maintained at a constant temperature throughout the cycle, so that standard machine outputs are achieved.

The older T 350 and T 400 traysealer models can be fitted with retrofit kits for processing Mirabella® film; the new T 700 traysealer does not require retrofitting. Tests for the top of the range T 800 model have just begun.

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