I would certainly want to make sure there is not another problem causing the hair loss. A loose leash releases pressure and tells the dog, "Yes, this is what I want you to do!". posted by ShootTheMoon at 10:46 AM on May 26, 2010 . (In fact, Gentle Leader® is the only headcollar that can be converted in this way.) Only after you have the Neck Strap adjusted correctly can you determine if the Nose Loop needs to be tightened or loosened. Gentle Leaders actually have a calming influence some dogs when they have been fit and introduced peoperly. and the Nose Loop is behind the lips and can move freely to the end of the nose, but neither the handler nor the dog can pull the nose strap off. If the owner has a young Lab who loves to jump up on people, the Gentle Leader® might be used with the Indoor Drag Line for a couple of months up to a year to continue to reinforce "sitting to greet." My 6 year-old mixed breed (hound mix) has been having some health troubles recently. Best, -C. Hi Craig, No, there is not a specific topical cream to ‘speed’ up hair regrowth. Find more PetSafe Gentle Leader Head Collar information and reviews here. 2018-10-15T22:29:22-04:00. Quality Paws in Denver sells the 5/8-inch Gentle Leader for our clients. Thanks for the great answers. Providing a good diet with adequate protein, the proper fatty acids and moisture (NOT a dry dog food) will also improve the hair coat. Do not immediately tighten the Nose Loop. The advantages of the Gentle Leader are you get definite control of your dog on walks. It doe not frighten the dog with sudden jerks, jabs, sprays, or noises. We recommend that the Gentle Leader® not be left on any longer than 18 hours per day. The dog still has full use of his mouth. The pressure of that weight forces the dog’s head to turn. The co-developer of the Gentle Leader®, Dr. R.K. Anderson, has investigated rumors that wearing a Gentle Leader® can cause injury to … Attach the leash to the Control Ring, and the Nose Loop becomes an extension of the leash to the collar. Immediately release the tension when he starts to move, praise and treat. GENTLE LEADER® The Gentle Leader® offers you a whole new concept in the control, training & management of your dog. First, check the fit. If your dog is having trouble with any of these behaviors, the Gentle Leader is not fit correctly. Instead, a training tool is something we use in order to help reduce a negative or unwanted behavior and replace it with a positive one. Snug up the Neck Strap and readjust the Nose Loop. If you are out for a walk and find the need for more control, just slip the Nose Loop back over your dog's nose. Another myth is that the Gentle Leader can cause injury to the dog’s neck. PetSafe Gentle Leader Headcollar, No-Pull Dog Collar – Perfect for Leash & Harness Training – Stops Pets from Pulling and Choking on Walks – Works with Small, Medium and … Make sure good things happen when the Gentle Leader is on - eating, playing, petting. ... Dry skin is less likely to stick to fabrics and cause friction or traction. Bath & Body Works has a hard time making anything that doesn’t assault your nose via strong scents. by admin | May 10, 2019 | Ask A Vet, Hair Loss | 0 comments. We have put together a few helpful hints to prevent harness chafing below: The Gentle Leader pivots the entire weight of a pulling dog on its nose. Hi Craig, If the hair loss is due to chafing from the Gentle Leader, it will certainly grow back. The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. Where ever the head goes, the body must follow. (People with less "hands on" experience in this type of situation may be better off making the final Nose Loop adjustment before attempting to walk/sit/walk/sit, etc.). (not pre-empt) By making sure the Gentle Leader is fitted correctly. Once your dog has learned to let you lead walks, you may only need to use the Gentle Leader … Remember that tension on the leash applies pressure on the muzzle telling the dog this is not the right behavior. Plan on a number of short (two-minute) practice sessions before an actual walk. The gentle leader’s neck strap must be long enough so that it as high up on your dog’s neck as possible. So big ups to the GL for helping me handle some tough dog walks. The Gentle Leader slides over the head and muzzle. Check the fit of the neck strap first - high on the neck, directly behind the base of the skull and snug so that you can BARELY get one finger underneath. ANSWER: The Gentle Leader does not muzzle a dog. Anyone who has spent serious time training dogs will agree, Gentle Leaders are pretty much useless as far as an actual training tool and can lead to very serious injuries to the neck and shoulders caused by the dog shooting forward and having its head cranked sideways. In most cases, they work great for our customers. It controls the dog’s head. During the past few years of use, behaviorists, veterinarians and trainers have come to recognize the inherent safety of the Gentle Leader® Headcollar when used according to instructions and increasingly recommend the Gentle Leader® as a safe and humane training aid. Drugs containing gold, which were once used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and some other autoimmune disorders, can also cause mouth sores, but these drugs are rarely used because safer and more effective drugs are now available. 2. Gentle must mean that it’s safe to use on skin, but we’re the bearers of bad news. Best Answer The Gentle Leader does not cause pain in dogs any more than a regular horse halter hurts horses. If he gets it off once, he'll fight ten times harder to get it off the next time! The Gentle Leader is perfect for keeping your dog under control for everything from daily walks to vet visits. Any dental abscesses can cause a skin irritation around the mouth. They both can be wonderful training tools to use in conjunction with a good training program. Much of the early research used in developing the product was conducted in leading veterinary schools. Join Our Email List! Related Pages: – Dog Skin Conditions, – Dog Itchy Skin, – Dog Skin Rash, – Dog Skin Allergies, – Ask a Vet Online Library – Dog Skin Rashes, Marks, Spots, Lesions & Patches (including itchy skin and mange) Section. This is a common question, and the answer is as individual as the handler and the dog. No matter what the breed, size or age of your dog, the Gentle Leader® provides ‘power steering’, kind control and effective leadership, and makes training at home quick, simple and fun. Don't try to "comfort" the dog with petting or soothing phrases like, "It's OK, it won't hurt you, I'm here..." If this is done while he is resisting, you are actually telling him that his resistance is what you want - you'll be reinforcing his attempt to control the situation. PetSafe Gentle Leader Chic Headcollar PetSafe Leash PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp PetSafe Automatic Ball Launcher The Bling Easy Walk is constructed with fun, sparkly ribbon overlay on choice nylon and is sure to turn heads. Save the praise and stroking for when he is no longer resisting and is calmly walking, sitting, standing or lying down, and keep a happy and upbeat voice. Do things that are fun for him while he has the headcollar on - going to the park, lake, pet store, for a ride in the car. Dr. Anderson has investigated all of the injury reports that have come to his attention and continues to actively solicit any injury report for his personal investigation. In almost every case, when a dog gets the Nose Loop off, it is because the Neck Strap is too loose. It is worn around the nose and jaw of the dog to provide gentle leash without hurting them. Tooth and gum disease can also cause skin irritation around the mouth since drooling usually accompanies dental problems. But it causes changes in tissues that make pressure sores more likely to develop. Thank You Dr. Tillman: Is there any topical that you would recommend to promote healing of the affected area? Video Video related to petsafe gentle leader head collar. You may also try wrapping some moleskin or fleece around the nose loop to decrease friction. Reactionary behavior will fade as the dog acknowledges leadership. - In rare cases, warts that fail to resolve on their own can turn into cancerous tumors. If you're thinking, "this is too tight," you're probably there! Wash the headcollar before using again (it is safe to machine wash and dry or drip dry). The hot spot develops at the FRONT of the neck just above the Adam's Apple. Simply use the Neck Strap of Gentle Leader® as you would a regular collar, without placing the Nose Loop around the dog's nose. Prong all the way. Russell Studebaker, a former city of Tulsa horticulturalist who shared his expertise with backyard gardeners in a long-running column for the Tulsa … Also, the company says that there’s pressure transferred to the back of the neck, but a simple look at where the lead attaches demonstrates this isn’t true. If he refuses to budge, try "rocking" him like a stuck car with a pull and release, pull and release (no jerking) on the leash. This means the front of the neck strap should be above your dog’s Adam's apple, while the back should reach around to touch the base of the skull directly behind your pup’s ears. When reintroducing the Gentle Leader®, be sure to take it off each night. A "hot spot" can develop if the headcollar is left on the dog for days without taking it off at night. When you see a golden retriever wearing a gentle leader that is one thing, but an Akita wearing a Gentle Leader causes people to side-step the poor dog and treat the dog like a pariah. The Beaphar Gentle Leader® provides kind and effective leadership, and makes training at home quick, simple and fun for both you and your dog. As I mentioned earlier, if there is another reason that the hair loss occurred and his hair is NOT growing back, or if there are new areas of hair loss and it is not due to the Gentle Leader, then I would advise seeking a holistic veterinarian for skin scraping, fungus culture, etc. We recommend that the Gentle Leader® not be left on any longer than 18 hours per day. None of the rumors could be substantiated - not one case of neck or vertebra injury could be documented as being caused by the Gentle Leader®. There are no sharp prongs that dig into the dog, nor are there electric shock currents to zap him. It is important to release the tension on the leash immediately whenever the dog is performing the right behavior. Another myth is that the Gentle Leader can cause injury to the dog's neck. The Gentle Leader is basicly a loop that goes over the head and around the nose. Or you can ‘custom’ adapt the halter to be fitted with some lambswool, as in a horse’s halter, to prevent it from rubbing the hair off. Leading behaviorists and trainers report that Gentle Leader® is particularly effective in helping fearful and shy dogs feel more secure and calm in situations that previously produced anxiety. The handler might choose to use Gentle Leader® as a headcollar for only a short period of time to deal with one specific behavior problem, then convert it to a traditional-style collar from that point on. Work with him when he's hungry - right before his normal feeding time. The gentle leader dog harness is designed in a way that allows you to attach your leash at the back of the dog’s head which gives you total control over the dog’s movements. I think that the Gentle Leader simple isn't padded enough and the friction can cause sores and bleeding. With either product, when a dog is running forward and reaches the end of the leash, his head is snapped to the side which discourages the pulling. Aging itself does not cause pressure sores. If you are using a Gentle Leader for your dog and it is wearing off the hair on his nose, or causing sores, try switching to a ¾" nose loop. Completely withdraw all attention - no eye contact, no verbal cues, no touching - or better yet, walk away. Don't buy into it! When the dog pulls, pressure is applied from the back of the neck causing the dog to pull backward instead of pulling forward. Wash the Gentle Leader® before using it again (it is safe to machine wash and dry or drip dry). People often mistakenly make the Nose Loop too tight because they have made the Neck Strap too loose. I don't know about you guys but I have a real love/hate relationship with the Gentle Leader (GL). The above should never replace the advice of your local veterinarian, as they have the ability to evaluate your dog in person. One is that he has very very watery eyes for the past several months (like, running down both sides of his muzzle). This tool is intended to keep dogs in control while teaching them to follow their owners during walks. Then, it contains Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone. If that brand is not going to work, there are several others you can check into, such as the Promise Halter, or ‘Haltie’. The Gentle Leader, or a prong collar? The Gentle Leader® provides solutions for the novice pet owner while still providing control and expediency in training for the pet owner that desires to take training to a higher level. It isn’t as gentle as you’d want, mostly because it has a ton of fragrance. Remember that he is not in pain, he is simply resisting the new message telling him he is no longer in control. (There are some who feel that because it never chokes, Gentle Leader® is more humane than collars of any style and, therefore, replaces a collar for daily wear, even without behavior problems.). In many cases, it is because the Nose Loop is too tight. by Craig (Richmond, VA, USA) I bought a gentle leader dog leash and had it put on incorrectly. I bought a gentle leader dog leash and had it put on incorrectly. Again, it all depends on each situation. See our page on 10 Best dog food options. Name: They are great for dogs who are heavy pullers or have delicate throats. It will also occur if the handler jerks or yanks the leash to the side causing the Nose Loop to rotate. You should be able to pull it forward to the beginning of the fleshy part of the nose, but not all of the way off. One one hand, as a dog walker, it has allowed me to walk countless Tasmanian devils challenging dogs. Gentle leader doesn’t work with this 135lb Shepherd . When an owner is happy with the level of control and would like to see how his dog does with a standard collar, Gentle Leader® offers the convenience of convertibility. Next, make sure there is not constant pressure on the leash. Allergens Causing Skin Infections in Dogs The Gentle Leader® does not choke and does not cause pain nor does it in anyway affect the facial nerves. Chances are that an elderly couple with an energetic Great Dane will benefit from using Gentle Leader® forever!
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