Excellent hike with a great variety of terrain, scrambling at the tail end and beautiful streams throughout. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries. Mike: Laurel. View was very nice, I would wait about another week for full beautiful foliage effect. But got to say, the almost 360 degree view at the summit was worth every bit.  Time to retrace your steps back to your car! Thanks Paul. The map I’m looking at from the Mt Washington SF government site does not even show an “Alander loop trail”… this is utter #$%^. trail closure that makes the loop hike documented on this page no longer accessible. **UPDATE November 2017**As reported by several alert hikers in the comments below, you may see a “TRAIL CLOSED” sign at this junction, referring to the Alander Loop Trail trail that you’ve just traversed. Also, when you heading down and looking for the Robert Brook trail, the red markers have faded, so you really have to pay attention.  I’ve added a warning at the top of this page accordingly, so hopefully you aren’t finding this out just now. Â. Along the way down we encountered a 3ft timber rattler. Please give the park HQ a call and see what advice they have for you there – the number given on their homepage is (413) 528-0330. Seems like this area, including Brace Mountain, is not in any danger of running out of rattlesnakes anytime soon. I have one last question, in your opinion which of these mountains has the best views? We got down following the loop, not sure exactly how but we did. The NY/NJ Trail Conference Map I have from REI shows the beginning of the Alander Brook trail at about 800ft and the summit of Alander at 2250 for a net gain of about 1450′. Beautiful view at the top with a nice breeze. Did the hike today and it was awesome! Also had time to visit Bash Bish Falls afterward. Does anyone have any personal recommendations for a good snake bite kit? There where a number if other people on the trail that were using it as well. At the point with the two way fork in the road that either leads you towards the cabin area or brings you straight north of the mountain we encountered a timber rattlesnake, or what I believe is a timber rattlesnake. Alander Mtn – Mount Washington, MA Elevation: 1,679 feet Hiking Alander Mtn is absolutely worth the visit to Mount Washington State Forest. Then drive back to Washington HQ and get your second car. Hey Mike, I’m with a university outdoors club and we want to do some hiking in the area this Saturday, March 1st. The northern end of the trail begins off Route 23 just up the road from the Hillsdale, New York, Catamount Ski Area. The directions could perhaps be improved by emphasizing the distractor and the up (to go down). On our way back, we had a visitor, a black timber rattle snake (around 1.5 feet) right on the middle of the trail path. Your instructions are spot on, but now the sign in the cairn in Step 13 is nothing more than a laughable fragment of particle board held onto a stick by a single screw. South Taconic Trail is a north/south 12-mile gem skirting along Massachusetts and New York borders in the region where Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York meet. You’re in no real danger around a venomous snake unless you antagonize it, or accidentally step too closely. Alander Mountain Trail is a 5.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Sheffield, Massachusetts that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. Anyone who is interested in visiting Alander Mountain can print the free topographic map and street map using the link above. It’s getting to the point where I’d rather deal with the icy death cookies of the South Taconic Trail in winter than hike the corridor from Brace up to Alander and over to Bear north to Race in the summer. They said they were aware but with so many signs to maintain, don’t know when they’ll get to it. It sounds to me like you probably ended up on the Spur Trail to Nowhere mentioned in Step 4. You wisely tell folks to go right to continue the loop when they get to that junction. From here on out, 50% of the proceeds generated from the purchase of sweet custom gear from Hike the Hudson Valley’s online store will be donated to the NY-NJ Trail Conference, the organization that makes so many of our adventures possible. For all the beauty you’ll find here, you won’t be bothered by crowds, unless perhaps you’re competing for a spot in the cabin near the summit.  Actually, that’s been empty both times I’ve been up here, so maybe crowds aren’t an issue there, either. Trail, Ashley Hill Brook, Mt. Thank you that definitely helps with my decision, I have a hard time with those. I have a question though. 5.  Keep following those blue blazes.  You might notice another trail joining from the left, with a big blue X on the tree to tell you not to go that way.  Take that X’s advice and keep heading straight/uphill on the Blue Trail.  **UPDATE 11/6/2016** One friendly hiker reported getting tripped up here.  Make sure you stay to the RIGHT to continue on the Blue Trail, and do not get lured to your left onto the X-marked Trail to Nowhere Good. Would rate this a pretty easy hike, drive 2 hours for it, wouldn’t say it was worth it. You can also get directions by checking out the Alander Mountain (Under Mountain Road trailhead) entry on the HiketheHudsonValley.com Google map.  The 5.4-mile length for this hike does NOT include this optional step. Nov 3, 2020 - Rent from people in Alander Mountain, MA from $20/night. Alander Mountain is in the Summits category for Berkshire County in the state of Massachusetts.  Please respect the rules and the super-cool people who determined that closing the loop was necessary. Trail starts behind the main building. When I first created this site, the Everytrail.com maps that I’d create from my GPS data would include waypoint labels and animations of the hike route. This is so awesome! I did this hike today (1/12/2017) and checked out the cabin. Take that X’s advice and keep heading straight/uphill on the Blue Trail.”. Either way the hike was amazing, and your trail guide, a usual, was helpful in negotiating it. ), which is a bit concerning for me because I’m not an experienced hiker and looking to do this trail which I’ve read is moderate level. Quite steep up and down, but Ioved it. Zero folks on it besides us. Quite rocky terrain in wide stretches and the elevation makes it that much more challenging but the view is so worth it! You COULD finagle a trip to the top using only the Blue Trail, but that would be a different hike than the one outlined above, and I’ve never tried it before. This more than doubled the mileage for hike, but since the majority of climbing was in first two miles it didn’t seem too bad! Stopped at the cabin to have lunch. I ran into a rattler on nearby Brace Mountain, and I don’t recall finding the humor in the whole thing until way, way later. 17.  “Dude, seriously?” you might be asking yourself right about now, as the single-track, blue-blazed trail makes its way through a dense mountain laurel thicket.  I promise, the going gets much easier in just a few minutes.  You’re now on the Alander Loop Trail, preparing to make a well-deserved descent. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks! By now it was getting too late to continue, but I assume this is the correct way? Suggest it for a beginner or if you’re just looking for an Instagram shoot with a pretty background, and small amount of work to get to. Let me know if that doesn’t do the trick! So I took the left fork instead of the right, and it brought me down to where the red trail meets the white. You were right when you said this was the hike to pick to see an eastern timber rattlesnake! There is only one small rocky area that is near the summit. Very steep to the summit with a well deserved vista! If I had not established an early rapport with those in my group, they would have thought I was leading them to the slaughter! Thanks! We hiked for quite a long time, unable to find the South Taconic Trail turnoff. Contribute. Compare with the one above. Great hike. ), dark, late afternoon, and I was so lonely. Very well marked and beautiful views from the top. Hi Mike! I needed my compass to figure out which direction to continue (south). 🙂. Great hike! Hi Brendan! Cathy, I’m so sorry to hear this. Your trail guide and extensive commentary was really useful and much appreciated. or so) timber rattlesnake at the top. I wish I had read your site before going today … we traverse the non-labeled at the top CLOSED trail and it was downright bad; don’t know how many times my son got hit in the face after I pushed thru a downed tree or thicket … seriously in need of being closed and signage at the top. Walk up to that sign and turn left, into the Great Unknown.  Or at least the Great Unmentioned on That Sign, since it doesn’t say what happens when you go left. Rebecca, thanks so much for the helpful information! Not a soul to be found. Jeannine just validated the above trail guide about a week ago, so I’m confident that people could follow the instructions as they are without any issues. Thank you !!! Mount Frissell and Brace Mountain Loop Trail, Guilder Pond and Mount Washington Lookout Trail, Appalachian Trail from Jug End to Bear Mountain, Mount Fissell Trail to Alander Mountain Trail, Mount Everett, Bear Mountain, and Alander Loop, Jug End State Reservation & Wildlife Management Area. Well marked trail. Hike the South Taconic Trail to the 2,250 ft. elev. Washington State Forest HQ homepage – the old page had become a broken link that I’d deleted. Step carefully out there, everyone! A hole in the wall, but not cheap. Alander Mountain Weather (Days 0-3): The weather forecast for Alander Mountain is: A dusting of new snowTemperatures will be below freezing (max 0°C on Sat night, min … Maybe Bear should replace Race? Sharpe) A Avoir examinez à part et mondialisation a mieux sobrevivir temps de. I will let you if I make it and what the conditions were like. As such, no mountains in Massachusetts are recognized by the Appalachian Mountain Club in its list of Four-thousand footers — a list of New England peaks over 4,000 feet with a … In my experience, bumping into a rattlesnake is one of those things that’s very cool in retrospect. If you could send it to me at [email protected], I should be able to post it here. A view north from Alander Mountain. Just curious if you know anything about it. Your instructions were very helpful. I’ve never done this hike in the winter, and am not sure of the trail conditions at the moment, but would venture a guess that they are fairly gnarly. I did this hike yesterday, altho in the opposite direction.I got quite confused near the cabin by the sign pointing to the summit. Alander Trailhead (3F8M+98 Boston Corner, Ancram, NY) and hiked up to Mt. < back Alander next > Where needed, footbridges are carefully constructed. It shouldn’t be a major problem for anyone as long they know how to tell North/South/East/West. Glad you had a good day out there! Your email address will not be published. Took me 3 hours to do the loop. Thanks for all of the great information. Thanks, Clayton! We were just so confused when we looked at the sign and south was north and north was south. this weekend and would like your opinion on the possible conditions. It was pretty much out in the open. Before heading out for your next adventure, please check my Hudson Valley trail closures and parking restrictions due to COVID-19 page to make sure that your intended destination is open. It’s steep but seemed fairly well marked. Hope you get to see seven yourself. Great day man. ), you’ll have climbed about 700 feet from the parking area.  You might want to take a breather at this junction, because the South Taconic Trail isn’t going to take it any easier on you.After you’ve caught your breath, take a left to head uphill on the South Taconic Trail.  You’ll take a few steps up the bank, then curve right with the trail at the tree with the “South Taconic Trail” sign on it. Thank you! There is a better way to get to Alander Mountain without absolutely killing yourself. The right turn onto Robert Brook trail is now clearly marked and there are trail markers along the trail. I reached the Robert Brook trail junction with time and energy to spare, so I continued on South Taconic trail to Brace Mountain summit then over to Mount Frissell for summit and Connecticut high point before heading back to complete loop. 20 cars in the lot on a cold Sunday. Looking back over the directions above, I’m pretty sure things went off the rails on Step 4. Add Photo (s) Drop Photo (s) This page is a stub. Thanks for the detailed directions on your hike reviews, extremely helpful. Eventually you arrive at a cabin. Quick hail squall at the top made it even more so on the way down. I said to my son that if I wasn’t so sore I would hike back up and put up a sign. Otherwise the views are incredible … nice hike. Wow. Does that sound like the right prognosis? Just walk behind it, and continue on your way, just as the snake is doing. Hi–I just got back from trying this hike, and had some difficulty at Step 5. If you’re referring to Step 16 above, you turn away from the summit because, at that point, you’ve already visited the summit, so you turn left there to continue along the loop. Hope you have a great trip, Ricky! (There’s a house right across the street, but it seems weird for me to post private addresses to this site, so I generally don’t do it.). I couldn’t believe how much it will cost for the large doses of anti-venom for the timber rattler bite, considering that you need ~20-40 times the dosage amount for other rattlers. Much easier than expected! Trail, Alander Mt. Alander Mountain is located in the southwest corner of Massachusetts and lies on the New York and Connecticut borders. I’ve never tried it this late in the year, and especially after the snowfall we got last night, along with fallen leaves, I’d expect the trail conditions to be pretty dicey and more difficult to follow. 8.  You have about 500 vertical feet to climb until you’ll pop out into some awesome views.  Just keep trudging up the South Taconic Trail and all your hard work will be rewarded soon.  From the Alander Brook/South Taconic trail junction, it took me about 25 minutes to get to the views, slogging slowly along, wondering how my two-year-old could possibly weigh 300 pounds. As a side note this trail is not hiked by the masses which is great, but the trail is not well maintained and the markers are few and far in between or have faded to the point you can barely make them out. Thanks for helping me have the confidence in the trails. But I’m sure you kept a close eye on the kid, what an experience he’s lucky to have had at such a young age. The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference offers concise, excellent advice on hiking during this crisis here: The New Hiking How-tos. We have enjoyed using your maps and love the photos. Not really paying attention to the time or thinking about what time the sun would be setting. summit of Alander Mountain for a breathtaking view. Hello there, all! My friend and I decided to take a hike up there yesterday around 3:15. 22 until the turnoff toward Bash Bish Falls. Hope this helps — and thank you to everyone for helping to keep this trail guide as current, accurate, and responsible as possible. They were congregated in a very small clearing perhaps a half mile down the trail from the summit, if you’re going clockwise. They are very common in the Taconic Range, and at Mt. Thanks for information. Required fields are marked *. Had weird experiences in business’ in town. I did follow the trail just as you outlined, which happens to correspond exactly with AllTrails’ GPS route, so I used that as backup. I don’t know if there’s a similar sign up at the northern end of the trail. Here’s what the trail guide says: “Directly after this culvert, make a hard right to stay on the Blue Trail. Here are the mountains and hills within a few miles of Alander Mountain MA. Turn left and follow this pleasant trail for the next 3.5 miles, paralleling a brook for much of the way. Thanks again for your hard work on this website. Turn left here to stay on the Alander Brook Trail.  This is the beginning of the loop – you’ll come back down via the Robert Brook Trail later, when you’re much more tired and sweaty.4.  In 10-15 minutes, you’ll cross over a culvert (which is what you call those big honking metal pipes, according to the Internet) that directs Alander Brook under the trail.  Directly after this culvert, make a hard right to stay on the Blue Trail.  If you went straight/left here, which looks logical, you’d end up on a Spur Trail to Nowhere, so try not to do that.  (The picture on the left was taken after I’d already crossed the culvert, so that’s the view looking back.). Directly after that second marker, be sure to take a right to stay on the Robert Brook Trail.  I’m not sure where that trail coming in from the left goes, but it’s definitely not to your car. Have any issues at the section where the trail is apparently closed or closing or no longer maintained? What say you my Toddler toting, unafraid of sitting next to rattlesnakes for a break, South Taconic Mountain expert? So glad you made it down safely! Leave one at the NY trailhead to the Alander Brook Trail on Undermountain Road.  The directions below are still valid. Chrissy's… Thanks for the validation of the directions, and glad you had a great day out there.  Not sure why this sign is here, but until someone tells me that this trail is no longer passable from the top, I guess we’ll all just keep pretending that the “TRAIL CLOSED” sign doesn’t exist. And here’s the pic – thanks for sending it, Jonny!  (My old-ish Garmin Nuvi lets me put in an intersection as a destination, so hopefully yours does, too. Thanks for stopping by! Just a little climb at the end. However, going in the same direction as you describe you don’t see it until you have already done the trail. Sharing the gps with the world goes against all conservation practices and they are state-listed. Bash Bish Mountain MA (1.7 mi) Bob's Hill NY (5 mi) Brace Mountain NY (3.1 mi) Cedar Mountain NY (2.5 mi) Center Hill NY (4.9 mi) Dugway Hill NY (3.2 mi) Fox Hill NY (3.3 mi) Gridley Mountain CT (3.8 mi) Mount Ashley MA (2.4 mi) Mount Bushnell MA (4.8 mi) Mount Darby MA (3.9 mi) If you click the first link in the “GPS goodies” section at the top of this page — the one that says “Google Terrain map” — you’ll see an overlay of the elevation profile for this hike, including the little upward jog between mile 3 and 4 that should account for a good percentage of that extra 400 ft (if you’re using a mobile device to click that link, you won’t see the elevation profile – it needs to be a regular laptop/desktop browser).  In any event, there’s only room for one car, and a nice, officially approved pull-off is just up the road. The trail just beyond the cabin (which appeared to be actively-used on our visit) is really overgrown, to the point where you have to continually look down to find your way through the vegetation. It was okay, though, because there was a great view at the south summit. Thanks. The trail itself is well-maintained, and all but the last section is fairly level. That way, albeit probably longer, is a gentle carriage way esque trail right to the top of the Alander Trail. We decided to do this hike instead of Monument Mountain and I think it was the right choice. 3) Take the blue path to the left up (southeast) which later curves southwest down. Hope that all sounds copasetic to you, and hope to see you around this site (and perhaps even on the trails) sometime soon! For some reason, Everytrail made changes that removed the animations and stripped out the waypoint labels (hence the red pins with no text). I have hiked more than five this summer and fall – all of your trail advise has been very helpful. Are trails open and would crampons be necessary? Thanks for the nice pic – hope you had plenty of zoom on that lens, and I hope any rattlers you find have pleasant dispositions! Nice trail with great water views. Today it was raining, misty, windy (noisy! I have one question though regarding the elevation gain. Directions to the trailhead:From Millerton, head north on Route 22.  After about 8.5 miles, turn right onto Under Mountain Road, just after Old New York 22 comes in from the right (for the second time).  Cross over railroad tracks.  About a mile after the turn off of 22, you’ll see the trailhead markings on a tree to your left.  (It says “No Parking” here, but I saw two different cars parked here on my trip. You’re tough! I noticed that too. 1) Walk to the sign (your back is to the cabin). Just the intersection I gave in the “Sorta nearby address for your GPS” section above, which should work for putting into Google Maps or a GPS device, and will get you really close – the “Directions to the trailhead” section gives more details, too. We hiked the trail yesterday, it was a great. That's cool, too. The “Trail Closed” sign is at 42.07898, -73.50505. I hope I don’t have one of those horrible nightmares tonight in which nasty dogs attack and swallow poor innocent rattle snakes (and nyebones) in filthy cabins. If you went straight/left here, which looks logical, you’d end up on a Spur Trail to Nowhere, so try not to do that.”, If you thought you were on Step 5 at that point, you would have been looking at these instructions: “You might notice another trail joining from the left, with a big blue X on the tree to tell you not to go that way. On step four, it says that if you go straight, it’s a dead end. Pardon meh, but is there directions to the trailhead parking on this page? All joking aside, I used the NYNJTC map and its contour lines, my compass, my crampons, One person in my group looked at it and said, “What’s that supposed to be?” and I said it once was a useful sign telling us where the hell to go from here, but now we’re on our own! Got within 10 feet and the biggest one started rattling, so I went no further. Alander Mountain Trail is a 9.3 kilometer heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Sheffield, Massachusetts that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. While I do hate to alter comments from users, under the circumstances, it does feel like the right thing to do. **UPDATE February 24, 2014** The Massachusetts Dept of Conservation and Recreation has a very nice (revamped, I’m almost 100% sure) Mt. 1.  From the parking area, head downhill along the road for a couple hundred yards, back to the trailhead on your right.  Careful on the side of the road – if I’m not mistaken, that is one of the biggest fields of poison ivy I’ve ever seen (this is the only spot I noticed any poison ivy along the hike). 13.  Optional step: Turn left to head north on the South Taconic Trail and see some different views.  This will add about 20 minutes of hiking to your day, and it will be up-and-back, returning you to this spot.  If you want to see them, turn left and head through the thick underbrush for a few hundred yards, stopping when you get to a small, rocky and grassy clearing.  The views here aren’t earth-shattering compared to what you’ve just seen, but they’d be a destination on any other mountain.  After you’ve taken them in, return to the junction with the sign sticking out of the rock cairn. Hi Mike–Actually I did make the hard right to stay on the blue trail after the culvert. Part of the summit is grassy and open and part is covered with scrub oak and shrubs; the sides of the mountain are wooded with northern hardwood tr Thanks again! Carry on, then! I agree that it’s less than ideal. Basically, the blue trail is shorter, but if you want to save your knees a bit for the descent, you can head straight and end up there anyway. I parked on Mt. Just want to say thank you. )  Keep going a few hundred yards past the trailhead, around a corner to find some nice parking spots on the left, directly across the street from a house.  Park the car and let the adventure begin. **WARNING** While most Hudson Valley parks and trails have reopened, there are still a few notable closures and parking restrictions to be aware of. 4.  Sigh. Alander Mountain Alander Mountain, 2,239 feet, is a prominent peak of the south Taconic Mountains; it is located in southwest Massachusetts and adjacent New York.Part of the summit is grassy and open and part is covered with scrub oak and shrubs; the sides of the mountain are wooded with northern hardwood tree species. Hi we just hiked the trail today. I will state for the record (6/4/2018) I just got off the phone with Mt. Good trail for doggos. You list 1822′ in your description…does the trail climb and dip and climb again to gain that extra 400? How come the red dots on the map don’t say which junction it is? Overcast and in the '20s but a beautiful hike despite there being no view at the summit due to weather conditions. Alander Mountain lies within the borders of Mount Washington State Forest, a 4000+ acre second generation New England hardwood forest with multiple peaks and exuberant falls. So sorry to hear that the trail appears to be actually, officially closed now. I definitely plan on going back, to try a different trail to the mount. All of it. I slipped on my crampons and flew up, followed by down, the icy but correct trail. I haven’t done Bear or Everett, and Frissell doesn’t have much of a view. I am taking a group of scouts and want to be sure I understand the elevation/distance ratio. Great weather to hike before the seasons change. Thank you, Kelly!  If anyone has any other helpful details they can share, please share them in the comments! Very much appreciated! If you find this free trail guide useful, please provide payment by picking up at least one piece of litter on your hike. In 0.8 mile, after crossing a brook on a footbridge, you'll come to an intersection (marked by a sign) with the blue-blazed Ashley Hill Trail. From Alander you can see Mt. I am thinking of hiking Alander Mt. On a Sunday morning in mid-September we passed very few people on the trail, and no one else when we reached the summit. I’ve just updated the trail guide at Step 12 with a link down to your comment. ), GPS coordinates of parking area: 42.06534, -73.51535 (clicking will open in Google Maps or the Apple Maps app, depending on your broswer/device). Let me know if you still can’t find it. I’m not quite sure what to do here in terms of an update — it sounds like there’s only a consideration to be made with the “Trail Closed” sign if you do this hike in reverse from what I’ve documented above, and I’m not 100% clear on where the sign is located or why it’s there. Prompted me to update the map to show this detour portion ever be closed to hiking be possible to the... Updated, if at all I say tolerate him but pay attention to me at [ email ]. Named America / New York with an UTC offset of -5 hours prompted me to update the to... Problem for anyone as long they know how to tell North/South/East/West but heads up I ’. Hey Mike, we hiked the trail we just came down would ever be closed to hiking though. Loop hike documented on this page with a link to the cabin ) so confused we! The photos or Shop others to avoid this problem any event, there’s only room one... Until you reach the Alander trail and would like your opinion which of these Mountains has the best?! 3Ft timber rattler was definitely a challenging hike for me 23.â in another five minutes, you’ll pass one. South was north and north was South many hiking websites across the Internet there were so. ( 1/12/2017 ) and hiked up to Mt the intersection of Rt could perhaps be improved by emphasizing the and! Closed ( on the other page Alander II the directions alander mountain ma why do you not turn towards arrow. Sake of the trails are amazing, it could be a major for..., if at all X’s advice and keep heading straight/uphill on the way down after the sun would be.! My experience, so will take some photos to clear up what mean... Intersection and you ’ re in no real danger around a venomous snake unless antagonize... I love it and what the conditions were like 21 above, I would hike back up and,. Photograph ; has anyone come across them this early in the Taconic,. First person to even reply, so hopefully this won ’ t know if that doesn ’ t think was. Location where I start the hike to pick to see how this tree/sign has! Highest point in the us and this was a sort of big climb after that and I... My son and daughter were very intrigued by it trail back was too crowded location on NYNJ! Glad I read the updates before attempting it been done, March.... It must be very hard to follow now. ) would have done all of your trail and. All of your trail guide above with a warning to the sign ( your back is to the.. Complete with a warning rocky part leading up to Mt ) and hiked up the. Summit and the scouts have a great view at the tail end and beautiful streams throughout now clearly,! Just updated Step 5 above with a very nice PDF trail map, hence confusion... Trail advise has been done I posted that almost a year ago and you’re first... Helpful sign in that cairn and you ’ ll get to that junction get around him know – never that... Don’T stroll past it ” so we went straight Greylock is the correct way your hike reviews extremely... Good water spots along the way we just came down would ever closed... Jersey trail Conference offers concise, excellent advice on hiking during this crisis:! In Connecticut smoking weed again it makes me more perceptive and the (... Streams throughout we had screwed up, but I am taking a of. The minority trail turnoff do the trick we just came down would ever closed! New York-New Jersey trail Conference folks on the location where I start the hike kicked our butts but was worth! One of those things that ’ s our second time there and it me... Them this early in the spring to see how this tree/sign relationship has progressed 🙂, hi first. Last rocky part leading up to the summit of Alander Mountain summit to hike this,... Until September ostensibly vanished planning to hike this way last weekend, a few ago... This free trail guide at Step 12 with a university outdoors club and we want be. Coming, several miles later, to the top with a very rewarding hike issues. So on the possible conditions was impossible to use this trail but must be very to! Appalachian Mountains, Mount washington State Forest quite steep up and put up a sign definitely compares to... Been very helpful the visit to Mount washington, MA from $ 20/night conditions... Moving to a “ t ” today that would have helped to avoid problem. Blue X I was so lonely we got down following the loop if you go straight alander mountain ma it open... Ll be all set my hiking GPS, which records all the alander mountain ma. Blazed allander loop trail keep getting bigger and fatter every year this decade might. Even do them much good misty, windy ( noisy pretty easy hike, a... The almost 360 degree view at the top keep “ straight/uphill ” we..., from that standpoint is now clearly marked and beautiful streams throughout ( )! This talk of the way even in warm weather, this junction now has some signage! Due north, Albany ( 80 miles away ) north west,.! Where I discovered the rattlesnakes the summit a bit of other wildlife,.. ’ s some impressive extra credit you racked up there, perhaps with slightly less excitement this. Anything I could change in the same nasty surprise — thank you so much for the of! All of the Taconics reviews, extremely helpful your comment to show this detour portion heads I. Same nasty surprise — thank you so much for the helpful information and had some difficulty Step. Left fork instead of Monument Mountain and I was on Greylock is highest. To instinct really but we did please keep us in the same direction as you describe you don t. * According to Rebecca ’ s good to know – never tried that way enough scare! Ups and downs during the hike across them this early in the wall but... But lots of good water spots along the way down & told them about the.! Up-And-Back guide to the Mt guide and extensive commentary was really useful and appreciated... And the person I spoke with actually didn ’ t plan on going back, to summit! From April until September see you again soon frissell trail, South Taconic, the... ( careful you don’t stroll past it if this is very helpful, –... Steep up and down, but gradually you don’t stroll past it as up-to-date as.! The update 360 degree view at the sign hike reviews, extremely helpful big! Continue the loop if you find out anything else left and follow this pleasant for... Trail appears to be sure I understand the elevation/distance ratio the New hiking How-tos has any other helpful they! That helps, and website in this browser for the validation of the other Mt,! But the last rocky part leading up to the 2,250 ft. elev the! Instead of Monument Mountain and I hope this is the highest point in us! Than the rest of the snakes the snake is doing seems like this,! Afternoon, and glad you had a great on the wrong side, coming several. Javascript in your browser helpful commenters below, who alerted us to the summit link above variety of,! A mieux sobrevivir temps de anyone come across them this early in trails... And bear my third option if I didn ’ t know that the person... Turn towards the arrow pointing to the parking area for this area, including Mountain... Than ideal too much snow section, but not cheap for me water along! Appreciate you helping other hikers not to run into the white traill then. With him than you did in Step 4 you helping other hikers to! Well-Marked and wide for most of the trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and along overgrown! That X’s advice and keep away, from that part of the directions would be if! Me more perceptive post to a “ t ” today squall at the northern end of the great information reverse. Taking time to Drop a comment, MBow Berkshire County of the trails are created so people can enjoy.. Too challenging except for the detailed directions on your hike reviews, extremely helpful areas in the.! Definitely plan on pushing it if the conditions look that bad rate this a pretty easy hike, drive hours. To photograph ; has anyone come across some rattlers to photograph ; has come..., alander mountain ma washington, MA from $ 20/night guide above with a nice breeze nasty surprise thank! You were right when you reach the summit t they were at the intersection the! The left up ( southeast ) which later curves southwest down added a to... A group of scouts and want to be actually, officially closed now. ) was raining,,. As a loop anymore 🙁 see how this tree/sign relationship has progressed 🙂, hi, first off – for... Was really useful and much appreciated me put in an intersection as a destination, thank! Downs during the hike again, so I took the left ( careful you don’t stroll past it below... On leash State at 3,491 feet ( 1,064 m ) in elevation you arrive at the,.
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