The central part of the plane is being produced in Hongdu, also in China. This engine is slated to be used in the Airbus A320neo, the Boeing 737 MAX, and the COMAC C919, which means investors will want to keep a … COMAC stock quote, chart and news. The cruise speed is 450 knots. With its largest version, the E195-E2, coming dangerously close to what could be a future shortened version of the C919 (the E195-E2 typically seats 132 passengers, versus 168 for the C919), the E2 family has begun commercial service in 2018. With the start of mass production, the Comac C919 will be the largest passenger airliner created in China. This is an expensive ‘extended-range’ version, with most produced having a smaller range. It was planned to be introduced in 2021 with OTT airlines. The COMAC C919 aircraft is powered by two International LEAP 1C CFM engines which will have a thrust of around 25,000 lb to 30,000 lb. COMAC Customer Service Training Base officially opened in Jiaxing 2020-12-31 ARJ21 aircraft of OTT Airlines completes inaugural flight 2020-12-30 China Express receives another ARJ21 aircraft 2020-12-30 C919 enters into authority certification flight test 2020-12-02 Building China's Comac C919 airplane involved a lot of hacking, report says. After eight and a half years of development, China’s first domestically-built large passenger jet, the C919, manufactured by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), is ready for its trial flight. Here are a few basic figures. At that time, COMAC had a test program that supported 4,200 hours of flights and services in 2020. Photo: AP Images Airlines worried about buying from For one, there are multiple versions of the Boeing 737, and only one ‘real’ version of the C919, although there are extended-range variants on paper. In November 2012, GE Capital Aviation Service ordered ten C919 aircraft. This will be a narrow body with seating capacities varying between 168 as well as 190. COMAC C919 Cabin, Specifications, Engine, and Price. FlightGlobal's Ascend market values in 2013 were $49.2 million for the Airbus A320neo, 51% less than its $100.2 million list price and $51.4 million for the Boeing 737 MAX-8, 49% less than its $100.5 million list price. COMAC C919 is a large passenger aircraft that is currently being developed by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC). The fuselage will have a width of 3.96m and a height of 4.16m. All data presented is for entertainment purposes and should not be used operationally. This will be a narrow body with seating capacities ranging between 168 and 190. The supercritical wing has a wingspan of 35.8 meters with winglets. In 2010, COMAC received orders for 55 C919 aircraft from six aircraft in China, including China Eastern Airlines, CDB Leasing Company, Air China, GE Capital Aviation Services, Hainan Airlines and China Southern Airlines. The dimensions of the aircraft are almost similar to the Airbus A320. Including further price escalations, the list price currently would stand at $72.6 million with a sales price of roughly $50 million. The aircraft will have a modular avionics system, such as a central information system that will perform avionics, maintenance and utility functions. The center fuselage section is intended to be manufactured in Hongdu, China while aircraft design and assembly are being done in Shanghai. (However it must also be mentioned that Comac refuses to publicly announce its price unless an airline approaches them for the price!) But then again, COMAC had claimed up to 340 orders for the ARJ21, and it … In 2012 the C919 order book stood at 380 units worth US$26 billion, and averaging $68.4 million. Parker Aerospace, together with its joint venture partners China Aviation Industry Systems (AVIC Systems) is a supplier of main actuating flight fly-by-wire controls, fuel inerting and hydraulic systems for aircraft. ICBC Leasing was ordered for 45 C919 in October 2011. It has an external length of 38.9 meters, an external height of 6.1 meters, and a fuselage diameter of 3.95 meters. There will be two variants: a standard version with a range of 4,075 km (2,200 nmi), and a 5.555 km (2,999 nmi) remote version. In 2008, the launch of the C919 development program aimed the aircraft to first fly in 2014. This will be a narrow body with seating capacities ranging between 168 and 190. The first flight for 4,200 hours is higher than the standard 3,000 hours which is usually used for Airbus or Boeing. FILE PHOTO - A model of C919 passenger jet by Commercial Aircraft Corp of China Ltd (COMAC) is displayed at Aviation Expo China 2017 in Beijing, China September 19, 2017. COMAC C919 is a big guest aircraft that is presently being established by the Industrial Airplane Corporation of China (COMAC). Airplane shipments are expected to begin in 2016. The C919 is powered by twin CFM International LEAP-1C twin-spool high-bypass turbofans. The C919 is a relatively new narrow-body jet built by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, or COMAC for short. On December 9, 2011, COMAC began pilot production of the aircraft. By 2020, annual production for one hundred and fifty aircraft is aimed. Number of Comac ARJ21 jets ordered by China’s three most important airlines: 105. During the time, Comac targetted to produce a maximum of 2,300 aircraft. The Comac C919 is designed and manufactured by Comac, a Chinese state-owned aerospace manufacturer in Shanghai. The fuselage will be made of aluminum alloy. Rockwell Collins, in partnership with China Electronics Technology Avionics (CETCA), was awarded a contract to produce communication and navigation systems for aircraft. The C919 avionics system will be developed by GE and the AVIC System. Avionics will include core processing, display and on-board maintenance systems. Yet, there is an area where the C919 can potentially compete: price. The type's first delivery is expected in 2021 with China Eastern Airlines. On July 28, 2017, the second prototype was completed and on December 17 of the same year, it took its maiden flight. The aircraft can accommodate up to 168 passengers in a one-class configuration and 158 passengers in a two-class configuration. Each engine produces a maximum thrust of 31,000 lbf. C919 is part of China’s long-lasting objective of breaking Jet as well […] On November 24, 2011, the joint definition phase was completed and announced by the manufacturing company. This price is significantly lesser than prices of Boeing’s 737 series of planes and the ... the COMAC C919 is fitted with western equipment that … In terms of size and technical datas, the Comac C919 is comparable to an Airbus A320 aircraft. The price of the latest COMAC C919 aircraft is around US $ 50 Million. The standard C919 has a travel range of 2,200 nautical miles while the extended-range version is 2,999 nautical miles. Hebei Airlines and Joy Air each ordered 20 aircraft. The COMAC C919 aircraft is available in various versions, such as the basic, extended, shortened, cargo, special versions, and company versions. The Assembly of the wing section is targeted to be done in Xian, China. C919 COMAC-Commercial Aircraft Corporation Of China, COMAC B-001A taken at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Comac C919 first vr test at Shanghai Pudong, A Look at the Top 10 Newest Commercial Airplanes in the Sky, Comac ARJ21-700 Xiangeng (Flying Phoenix). The CRAIC CR929, formerly known as Comac C929, is a planned long-range 250-to-320-seat wide-body twinjet airliner family to be developed by CRAIC, a joint-venture between Chinese Comac and Russian United Aircraft Corporation, to challenge the Airbus and Boeing duopoly. Reports (0) Reviews (0) Photos (0) Forum (1) Passenger aircraft C919 is being developed by the Chinese Commercial Aircraft Corporation (COMAC) for operation on medium-haul routes. The first COMAC C919 flight was carried out on May 5, 2017. COMAC plans to build six different aircraft models, which will include business jets, passenger aircraft, shrinking passenger versions and cargo. Irkut MC-21 vs Comac C919: Opinions. Honeywell was awarded a contract to supply additional power units (APUs) and other related equipment for aircraft. The aircraft has a maximum takeoff weight of 72,500 kg, an empty weight of 42,100 kg, and a maximum payload of 20,400 kg. Russian company.. In 2008, the development program of the single-aisle twinjet C919 was launched. The Comac C919 dimension is almost the same as the Airbus A320. It marked the completion of the initial design phase for the aircraft with evaluated detailed design completion by 2012.

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