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Suspended meat producer Kurzemes bekons activity

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Since the beginning of this week's suspension of operation of one of the largest meat processing companies in Courland, which are produced under the brand name of Courland bacon.

Company information for any reason does not, it Valdis Pirktiņš currently not in Latvian. Ltd. Courland bacon owned company founded in August last year / s Livland Holding, a member of the board was originally businessman Andris Grigas. However, last October has been an official change, and Andris Grieg's official name in the list is no longer. The board and the board has a number of A. Grieg's now ex-business-related people.

More in February Courland bacon factory visited the Minister of Agriculture John Duklavs. The Minister also met with the meat processing plant in Kurzeme bacon management. The company Courland bacon is the only Latvian who manufacture their products using only the pig.

DB wrote that Swedbank opposed to the 26 host, Andris Grieg's property to ensure the requirements of the debt. Including - for estate Vainodes parish. As is known, Andra Grieg family Vainodes Lielbātas parish belonged to the castle, pig house, and here is the construction of biogas plants. The Court does not give details of property which directly addressed the bank's requirement. A hearing in Article 18. in May.

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