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Chilled Processed Meat In Latvia: 2013 Market Overview

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Accounting for 76% of total chilled processed food volume, chilled processed meat remains the key driver of growth in 2013.


Due to its convenience and high degree of innovation in recent years, chilled processed meat is gradually squeezing out fresh meat. Thanks to growing purchasing power Latvian consumers were able to renew regular consumption of their beloved chilled processed meat products, among others, including smoked sausages, frankfurters and vacuum-packed ham slices. Frequent temporary discounts in major retail chains helped to boost volumes sales over 2013.

The 2013 growth of 6% in current value terms and 3% in volume terms is a significantly better performance than the value CAGR of -2% and volume CAGR of 1% recorded during review period – last five years. The review period was negatively affected by economic downturn, when Latvian consumers were forced to reduce their spending on chilled processed meat products in favour of cheaper meal solutions. Starting from 2011, development in retail sales bounced back to positive values. The robust value growth rate for the third straight year in 2013 affirms the stabilisation in country's economy, accompanied by increased consumer confidence.

In 2013, chilled processed meat and chilled processed fish/seafood will be the fastest-growing categories, each adding 6% in retail value sales to reach LVL88 million and LVL13 million, respectively.



With a retail value share of 28% Rigas Miesnieks AS continues to clearly lead chilled processed food in 2013. The company strengthened its position even more in 2010 through acquiring another major local player – Jelgavas Galas Kombinats AS. Rigas Miesnieks AS has enjoyed very strong consumer loyalty since the Soviet era. The company has a very broad product offer that is supplemented by new items on regular basis. Due to its leading position, Rigas Miesnieks AS can afford to sell high volumes of its products at large discounts in major retail chains, thereby aggressively competing with smaller local players.

Latvian consumers trust local companies more than international players as they believe that ingredients used by domestic firms (especially meat) are of higher quality and are more natural. As a result, the value shares of international companies remain limited in Latvia in 2013. The largest foreign players are Estonian Nõo Lihatööstus AS and Lithuanian Utenos Mesa UAB with value shares of 6% and 3%, respectively.

Chilled processed food in Latvia is dominated by standard brands covered by the mid-priced band. Although there are different economy brands (including private label lines by Rimi and Maxima) available in the local market, consumers tend to avoid them. The main reason behind this is unwillingness to consume products perceived as having lower-quality ingredients or that use soy as a meat substitute.


Chilled processed food traditionally has been among the most-appreciated formats of packaged food among Latvian consumers. There are not expected to be any significant changes in Latvian meat consumption habits and chilled processed meat products will continue to play a major role in everyday meals in the short term. Due to increasing disposable income and an enduring preference for chilled processed meat, which accounts for over two thirds of total category volume, chilled processed food is projected to see stable and healthy growth over the next five years.
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