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Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks invests 623,000 euros and plans to increase its turnover by 40% Featured

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"We plan to upgrade the old slaughterhouse, which has not been repaired since 1997, the beginning of summer by equipping a new line of treatment. This will allow us to increase production and modernize the entire production process as a whole ", - said this week the media co-owner of a meat processing company SIA" Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks" Aksana Jansone.

Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks Ltd this year plans to upgrade the existing slaughterhouse enterprise at Paplaka, Priekule parish, invested 623,000 euros in a new line of treatment products, said Ms. Jansone.

She also noted that this year the main goal is to increase sales in export markets, focusing on Russia and China.

"Now we do everything to achieve the required to obtain a certificate of arrival inspection Russian veterinary services. It's not easy , but we hope that we get a certificate and it will allow us to significantly increase the export market. Also preparing for the end of January planned visit of the Chinese delegation to the enterprise , as well as getting ready to start work in this region, " - said the head of the company.

She also noted that the turnover in 2013 could be 10 % more than in the previous year , in turn this year "Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks" expects revenue growth of at least 30-40 %.

" There are all prerequisites to achieve this . Of course, everything depends not only on increasing the capacity of the company and began work on new markets, but also on the support of the state , for example, a stable tax policy , "- said Ms. Janson .

As reported, the company's turnover Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks in 2012 amounted to 25.81 million euros , which is increasing by 21 % compared with a turnover of 21,243 million euros in 2011 .

Profits of an enterprise has more than tripled - from 53,628 euros in 2011 to 201 900 euros in 2012 .



We provide complete solutions including design and construction of slaughtering lines. Process equipment, transport systems and control systems to meet the requirements for the slaughter and storage process for pigs, cattle and calves.

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