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Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks turnover last year - Ls 14,93 million LVL Featured

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As explained by the representative of the meat processing enterprises, the financial year of the company is rated as successful. Halter fresh meat rose by 11.62%, the production cycle of a meat processing plant has increased by 291.14%. Increase the promotion of cooperation with local retail chains, as well as increasing the range.

Turnover of meat processing enterprise SIA "Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks" last year was 14.93 mln.Ls (about 21.24 million EUR), which is a growth rate of 20% compared with a turnover of 12.39 mln.Ls (ap.17,63 mln.EUR) in 2010, according to information "Firmas.lv".

Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks last year worked with a fall in profits by 53% - from 80 466 LVL in 2010 to 37,690 LVLin 2011.

The company's turnover in 2009 was 7.6 mln.Ls (about EUR 10.81 million), and loss - 16 583 Ls.

Also develops and retail. Open three additional retail outlets in Riga. At present the company has 12 retail locations with a turnover in 2011 as a whole grew by 20.02%.

Along with that, last year, the company reduced the volume of transactions in additional industry - providing services in forestry. Sales were down from 1.18 million LVL in 2010 to 806,200 LVL in 2011.

Last year, "Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks" began building a meat processing plant in Paplake, Priekule edge by investing 1.05 mln.LVL, some of them made money poluchennnye of EU structural funds. Construction of the plant was completed in early 2012. Also, the company owns a slaughterhouse and meat processing plant Paplaka in Liepaja.

The company produces more than 120 kinds of meat products, of which 40% is to butcher fresh meat and offal, 50% form the meat products - sausages and smoked, and 10% - processed meat products.

SIA "Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks" was founded in December 1999. Main activities of the company are buying cattle for slaughter, meat processing, trade and services for slaughter cattle. Sideline is the implementation of retail products in stores. Since 2010, started a new activity - services forestry and real estate transactions.

The enterprise "Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks" employs 210 workers.

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