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The manufacturer does not want to give the reins to the bank

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SIA Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks despite the financial impact of the new plant increases the power and being able to cope with bank liabilities.

At the beginning of June the company held a wallet pillaging the financial situation is difficult, but successful start of production at the new plant Priekule Paplakā region makes it likely that the company will not lose the lead in the meat processing area and will also settle the liability with the bank, told the DB SIA Kurzemes gaļsaimnieks (KGS) Managing Director Ivar Gutmanis. Last year ended with nearly three million lats increase in turnover and about 35 thousand lats in profit, but since February this year, running a new factory, replacing the previously rented space in Liepaja and form a complex with the slaughter and distribution cehu.

Despite the strained situations, the company actively continue production. In particular, strong demand has traditionally been around the midsummer festival, says production manager Bun Pužulis. The company produces about 50 kinds of products, carrying out 10 tons of meat a day. Sausages, pates, marinated and cooked meat products. The main consumer of the domestic market. The new plant enabled the optimization of production costs and ensure high product quality. This year, plans to significantly increase capacity to about 20 million lats turnover.

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