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EU Pig Prices: Balanced Situation

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The situation is constant again on the European pigs-mature-for-slaughter market this week. Supply and demand prove to be well-balanced, and the German quotation (as the key quotation) went ahead. The quotations in Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Sweden and Ireland also remained on an unchanged level. The price is on the previous week’s level even in Spain, and for the first time after 10 weeks’ time, the seasonal fall in prices could be stopped. General indignation was observed among the Dutch pig feeders after the Dutch Vleuten quotation went down by 1 cent.

The general strikes in France and the shortage in fuel resulting from them are quite a burden to the logistic situation. As a consequence of the Austrian national holiday celebrated on 26th October, one day of slaughter will be missing there; for that reason, supply surplus is being expected. Domestic demand for pork in Great Britain is improving due to the cooler weather, and thus demand for pigs for slaughter is brisk. Therefore, the price went up slightly, yet as a result of exchange rate changes the corrected price is left on the previous week’s level. The Polish producers have to cope with considerable downward price corrections.

Market trend for Germany: The physical pigs-mature-for-slaughter business proves to be well-balanced this week, too. With the ending of the autumn holidays in most states and the beginning of November ahead, the situation is ensured to remain steady with regard to demand for pork and to the selling of the quantities on offer.


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