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EU Pig Prices: Increasing In Southern Europe, Steady In Central Europe

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Looked at from the sheer price, the pigs-mature-for-slaughter prices prove to be on a steady level on almost all European markets. Yet, with scarce quantities of pigs for slaughter on offer and demand being good with many vacationists on site, the atmosphere is noticeably more positive in Southern Europe than it is in Central Europe.


After the previous week’s price increase in France, another slight increase could be realised there again last Thursday. The quantities on offer remain below standard, thus determining the price development. Italy reports another price increase by as many as 2.5 cents. In Southern Europe, the German prices are urgently waited for to finally go up, in order to allow price increases to occur in other countries, too.

The last week’s price decrease was now corrected by a 1 cent increase in the Netherlands. The German slaughter companies, who operated on the market with their own price of 1.58 euros last week, had to accept that this does not match the real market situation and then shifted to the concerted price of 1.60 euros.
Reports come in from various countries that the demand for meat is slightly stimulated. The better weather forecast for Central Europe, causing barbecue meat sales to increase, will certainly contribute to that.

Trend for the German market: Even if the Football Championship is way past now, increased demand is noted from the German live animals’ market. This does not only go for the regions close to borders but also for the regions of intensive livestock upgrading in the north-western part of Germany. So, the local market is being perceptibly relieved at present. Apart from that, the quantities on offer remain far behind the past week’s quantities, and so the redemption prices are expected to be steady to slightly increasing for the coming week of slaughter.

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