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Meat processing company Nākotne

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Meat processing company Nākotne Gaļas pārstrādes uzņēmums Nākotne

“Gaļas pārstrādes uzņēmums Nākotne” (lit.: meat processing company Nākotne) entered the Latvian meat market in 2000 in the field of full cycle meat processing. The company has its own high-capacity slaughterhouse where fresh and high quality raw meat is produced daily for the purposes of companyʼs disassembly and processing plants. On average, up to 250 pigs and 5 bovine animals are slaughtered per day. The meat obtained is cooled and deboned for the meat processing plant, as well as for the sale of fresh meat in shops and catering companies.


Generally, the company purchases animals raised by Latvias larger breeders that can provide regular volume, quality and competitive prices compared to the European offer. The companyʼs convenient location in Nākotne, a town in Jelgava District which is in Zemgale, the central region of Latvia, is one of the preconditions for successful cooperation both with both resource providers and clients.

In 2004, the company was restructured and technologically modernized according to the standards of the European Union. The company employs 170 people. Its production is sold in more than 4000 shops and catering companies. In 2008, its turnover exceeded LVL 10 million.

The company produces more that 70 types of meat products, 44% of which is are fresh disassembled meat and slaughter byproducts, 53% - meat processing products incl. sausages and smoked products and 3% - meat delicatessen.

Consumers value the companys smoked products and sausages that are branded "Mājas kūpinājumi" (lit.: Home smoked). The technology of this production applies traditional Latvian recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. With the special aroma and taste of these smoked products, the company has attracted a loyal customer base. Highly esteemed products include Mājas desa (Home sausage), Saimnieka gaļa (Landlordʼs meat), Azaida gaļa (Luncheon meat), Svētku un Jubilejas karbonādes (Celebration cutlet and Jubilee cutlet), Senču gaļa (Ancestral meat), Putras stilbiņš (Porridge knuckle), Kamīndesiņas (Fireplace sausages), Bonaparta desiņas (Bonaparte sausages), etc.

Catering companies, schools and kindergartens, as well as cafés and restaurants value the companyʼs fresh, cooled bacon and beef. Meat produced at the companyʼs slaughterhouse is a high quality source for production of meat products.

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