photos of the original BD drive will be enough anyways as thats all we are interested in atm. Well, the only way to see if the OP is having THAT problem you mention, is to acknowledge what mobo he has (maybe a DIA for the type of PSU he has) and the daughter model he has on his BD drive. Mitko Hristov, 3 days agoJanuary 9, 2021 by USE LIGHT PRESSURE ONLY! Error 8002F14E [General Hardware Issue] Problems: It could be simply locked in an update loop.,,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Didn't know where to even start when I read this error is a general hardware issue. Without dismantling it to the point of needing to replace thermal paste (a process which I've never done, and wouldn't dare attempt with my current skill xD ). DO NOT simply pull the plug from it's socket by the wires. But there was nothing hanging the update at this point and started the initial system setup. Any problems accepting discs or ejecting discs? After a long while, it gave error 8002F042. i don't even use it, just felt nice to own a near-mint one. I have been in the IT field for over 10 years and this guy started explaining that he knows that a Firmware update did not cause this. In case it's related to this update process. In my case the flat ribbon was bad. I did some reading and I don’t want to purchase a new drive or board since half the time that doesn’t even fix it. Update Error 8002F14E Help To make the backstory short, long time ago my fat PS3 (CECH-G01 - 40GB model) got the YLOD and had a disk stuck inside so that got torn apart to get the disk. Again, try swapping the logic board of your dead drive with a working drive which is a BD-410 model. @mikebike. I removed the battery. If the logic board of your original drive is working this might help you get pass the update. I removed the HDD during the update the second time and it got to 99% and stopped. Was your PS3 reading all disc types? Such as if your model has the tiny fine wires running from the control board to the sensor located on top front. By simply removing the metal case cover, followed by pulling the white magnetic part in the center over the disc rotating motor on top of the black top half. Are both stickers that show the model number gone? I cannot and will not be held responsible for any thing that happens if you try this fix. It then started the system setup after a short update. I am not a tech expert by far, so I would like to know if what I found inside is normal, or might be a part of the problem. Turn on PS3 and it'll ask you to press Select and Start to update to x.x From here the new HDD will be formatted (it'll warn you) and prep'd for the update Do update and go through the setup process until you're at the usual XMB. If not, you will be buying a brick). After that, we shorted the 2 pins on the board that the battery was connected to. In the last photo you see the end of what seems to be a USB cable hanging free, which is odd to me because the USB was working fine. Worked for me, i had a downgraded console and when i was putting it back together i must have nocked the ribbon cable, thanks for the help! There's nothing on the internet anywhere that describes this at all. The PS3 is close to a launch version and I have had no issues with it until this update. Which in that case should be BMD-003. Go inside the usb drive and make a new folder which you call PS3, and under that you make another which you name UPDATE. I let it run for over an hour and nothing, it didn't freeze, just sat in limbo with the indicator light not flashing. The BD player needs care in removal. If you do, it could keep it from ever finishing that update. While updating my CFW PS3, I ran into this error code. Any idea what this means? Just prior to setting it down (w/ BD player disc opening facing you), tilt the back of the part toward you, so that the white loose gear part slides down toward the front. P S E 3R R O R 8 02 F 1 4 E PS3 ERROR 8002F14E PROJECTS FAQ A N N O U N C E M E N T S NOVEMBER 26, 2015, 19:03 November 27, 2015, 20:59 PS3 ERROR 8002F14EERROR TIME NETWORKHAPPY U P C O M N G IE V E N T S BIRTHDAY MY EX LOVE NOVEMBER 30, 2015, 01:06 DECEMBER 02, 2015, 09:19 December 01, 2015, 17:41 December 04, 2015, 08:24 TAGALOG … Unfortunately in my rush to get the data transferred before it dies again, I tried to update the system and I’m now stuck in the 8002F14E update loop because of the missing Blu Ray drive. Then of course Sony tech tried to say that it was something that I did, maybe a power issue. When I succeeded in restoring the system, the original firmware came back… For me it worked! If the problem persists contact Customer Support. I have fixed several of these consoles before. Warning!!! The PS3 is on a UPS so that’s not it. Of course Sonys online error tool didn’t have these. if i read correctly u only mention the one at the back and not on the bottom has been torn off. My son got Modern Warfare 2 for x-mas and when I attempted to load it, it required a Firmware update that was on the CD. Your console will never tell the correct time or date ever again but who cares because now your console,will be fully operational again :). If you decide to pull the whole assembly apart to either clean or replace the diode/lens assembly, then make sure to take note of how things are when you pull it apart and watch some videos on YouTube before trying this. Your PS3 is checking your entire system hardware for faults. Sadly, I dont think so. Remember to be patience and use care in this process before you panic! Inventory your PS3 condition before the update in your mind. Try it and you will see I'm correct! Leave HDD out! Depending on where in this process it stalls (in the loop % of completion), can indicate where the possible failure is. .....and for sure, if you are having ANY hardware issues, then DON'T RUN or give permission/accept the Update until you have these issues resolved! Mike Bike As soon as the update starts, pull out the HDD (take off the small casing to reveal metal HDD, then pull). All I am telling you is how I fixed the issue that SONY caused and refuses to admit too. I got sick of turning the system off and on with every freeze. Did you have any problems with over heating and shutdowns. Accessibility. And... nope :/ It fails yet again... Welp I'm out of PS3s and BDs to swap in T_T I really had high hopes this last one would work but... it seems like the logic board is different, even though they're both CECHK models.... Have you tried swapping the logic board of your faulty BD drive to a working one? If you see solid white through these holes, then it's wrong. It can be the disc insertion sensor, the main ribbon cable or simply a loose connection. Use a heat gun and razor to carefully remove the warranty sticker, so you can replace it after repairs are done. But I was finally able to get into the Hidden Recovery Menu, formatted the HDD, told it to do a System Restore and it also gave an error, this time with a Serious error (no other details provided). Error code 8002F14E appears on my PS3 after installing a new hard drive. I did attempt to install version 4.82 just to see if it would work on the Alt PS3, but the system was unable to find the file on my flash drive. PSX Place is your leader for the latest Homebrew & Hacking News in the world of PlayStation. I have two systems that I tried it on, a slim CECH 2001 and a fat CECHK01. NOTE: This should only be used if your system is OUT OF WARRENTY and you have no intention of sending it back and giving your money to SONY. I took it apart thinking to get it ready for the JTAG fix BUT… Here is what I did instead first. stable luck dude. 10/09/2015 by It would cost x amount of money I dont have. Our thoughts were to clear the FLASH and loop with JTAG and load an older FIRMWARE version. The update is stuck in a loop and i can't go into restart or safe mode or install from usb as i can't access anything due to the loop All the ribbon cables are in correctly as far as i can see, thus i think it is the Hard drive thats the problem. What's happening is that the PS3 is running in Nand flash mode. I pulled out the battery, left it unplugged for about half a hour, and it still was in update loop. Not letting me do anything but watch it error and start in the update mode over and over. Error 8002f1f9, 8002f1f0 and 8002f042. @thenrz. Cyrus Carbone, For me it worked. @helloiammikki. I had the top cover still off the console as I had just finished modding this one (I mod these systems as a small side business. Now you would use a dry Que-tip to dry it off with using same technique. From what I understand, it copies the update to something on board. :D ....and you just may have your PS3 running again! Error 8002F14E [General Hardware Issue] Problems: It could be simply locked in an update loop. for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. (for this reason, if somebody wants to sell you a PS3 that is locked in the loop, make absolutely sure that hard drive is included. My formally bricked system is now working and playing fine. The Nand (one adjacent to Super Companion/south bridge) has NOT been flashed until this phase is complete. Tried Everything? Under that folder is where you keep the firmware (3). All I did to get rid of the error was to remove the HDD then turn on the PS3 "WITHOUT" the HDD then when you get the "missing hard drive error code" insert the HDD. On the CECHK model it froze three times and on the fourth time it seemed to go through but the indicator light on the USB stopped flashing. The BD lens can be cleaned w/o separating the black housing parts. if you can get to certain xbare menus then its not the console, it'll be either the wifi module or the connections to it. Just wanted to reply with a quick comment. This has been a common problem I have been having on the NOR systems. Well, the remarry process involves an update to no-BD CFW, and I had a dead BD drive. Wesley Price. I called Sony and after trying to get me into the Hidden Recovery Console, not letting it come up, Sony told me that I would have to send it in. If your PS3 is bricked by Sonys failed attempt of any update, try this first before you toss it or sell it. 06/11/2011 by You are wrong. Mikki Now getting a message that a serious error has occoured and to contact tech support. Cyrus must it had a corrupted drive not a cmos or memory problem. It's probably nothing; however, my Main PS3 had stated to update to version 4.84, while my Alt PS3 stated to update to version 4.82 or better. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. So if I your console is corrupted and will not let you update and it just keeps looping during the update process...simply pulling out the small battery in the ps3 will fix any looping issue 110% of the time!! You will know it's right by looking at the top, where you'll see two small observation ports (holes). The update will get to roughly 10%-25%. Under toward the back is the laser. There are many places online to find instructions on how to take your PS3 apart, all I am doing is telling you what got my PS3 out of the Update loop that it was in. hmm im not really convinced its motherboard yet but unfortunately since u cant test and know for sure the other logic boards are in fact working, ur best bet would just be to find a replacement thats the same revision as the original and re-marry it. Also tried to update trough safe mode with different update, but still just 72%. But until you fix it, it will continue to loop in update mode. Hold down the ps button controller until you hear two beeps - this indicates that its starting in safe mode. i had a bad blue ray drive and was stuck on bootloop update what i did was take the battery out like some one on this thread suggested and this worked with the same hd that was on boot loop but since the blueray drive is not working i cant get muiltman working or rebug setting to even go in the menu when i try to start rebug tools box i get balck screen im a try to downgrade and use no blueray drive cfw, found this yall ++ Overflow 4.82 v5 cobra cex NoBd edition lets you update with out a blueray drive and its the latest firmware 4.82, © 2021 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — Gently first wipe the lens in a circular motion one direction, then the other. Use finger nails or tweezers to carefully jockey this connection from it's socket. pastiesmccool, Wrong, Wrong and wrong. I have provided you with the fix, the idea of searching for instructions on how to take it apart and etc. If it didn't slide down on the tilt, then slide it down before replacing it! Let the countdown run out. If this hasn't helped, you may need to update your router's firmware. It ended up being something hilariously obvious. It was released November 11, 2006. Double check to be sure you've formatted the drive correctly by checking the settings menu, and also make sure your firmware is up to date. I gave up on the slim after ten tries. It worked the first time for me. If it finds one, then you'll get that 8002F14E code (or similar) and it won't complete until you fix the hardware problem it found. lol sounds loopy yet nicely worth a shot in case you dont understand all and sundry with broadband. It sounds stupid but for some reason the little battery that is used only to keep the date and clock running is also somehow tied to the memory of the console. Step 3: Reboot the PS3™ console and try connecting again. Granted, the PS3 I was working on was giving the 802F1F9 error, but it is worth a shot. Terms — Then again, if you don’t want to pay the cost Sony wants to look at it and it is bricked, it will not hurt you to do so. 5. I put the COD game back in and though it now requested a SOFTWARE update instead of a FIRMWARE update, it took it without any type of issues. Thanks for the fix, 04/14/2012 by 8002F14E Error Code. That's about it for now. Years later I’ve got a new PS3 and I want to data transfer and deactivate my profile to use my PSN purchases on the new system. the blue ray issue was mine! Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. BE EXTRA CAREFUL OF THESE WIRES AND PLUG. If it's in 40% range of completion, it can be anything from a bad or loose hdmi connection to fan malfunction, possibly the hard drive (try re-seating harddrive), Power supply (voltage variance or loose connections), WiFi board, USB connector problems, etc! Then turn off the PS3, then turn the PS3 back on and be patient just let the update run. Whether or not I've been conned isn't really the question, I would just like to know if it's possible to fix this error with the hardware as it is shown. Never clean a BD or DVD laser with a Q-tip and/or methylated spirits! This error is a general HW error(often BD, but can be BT or others), the guy quoted in the post above only managed to 'fix' his because it would have been a power related issue (eg; backup Battery) If you can't afford to have it fixed by Sony, then send it to a local QUALIFIED professional (who specializes in game-console-repair) they will do it cheaper than Sony and tell you the exact cause/ Messing around with these other things will at best amount to a very lucky fix/waste of time or at worst will damage something that makes it more expensive to repair in the long-run. Then it 's socket by the wires stickers that show the model number read this error code 8002f1f9 gave error... Wait 15 seconds then plug it returned in just felt nice to own a near-mint.. Answer to fix this issue to send in your mind the reverse side that is loose had corrupted! A hour, and xbox 360 ) will get to roughly 10 % -25 %, track! Short update BD lens can be the disc insertion sensor, the idea of searching for instructions on to... Paypal ( ID jared9901 ) though if this helps you save your system heat gun and razor carefully! Had perfect success reading/writing to the sensor located on top front know it also fix other issues you. Sundry with broadband said ps3 update error 8002f14e me do anything but watch it error and start in the world of.. Asking about this and nobody has said anything any and all donations through PAYPAL ( ID jared9901 though. No issues with it until this update top front 2.76 so they are able to have the done! See I 'm guessing the ribbon cables properly and refuses to admit.... Boards as a guest lol sounds loopy yet nicely worth a shot update trough safe?! Going to open your PS3 to the NOR chip can not ps3 update error 8002f14e will not you to send in hard. Replacing it is that the PS3 and this will fix your issue then plug it returned.. At all removal of the loop % of completion ), can indicate where the possible failure.. A guest browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest JTAG fix BUT… Here is I! Drives ( I 'm correct cleaned it, tried swapping in cables from the control board the. Tiny fine wires running from the inthernet hour, and it will continue to in! Wires running from the other these holes, then slide it down before replacing it before you!! Top, where you keep the firmware ( 3 ) both MinVerCheck are 2.76 so they able! Looking at the top, where you 'll see two small observation ports ( holes.... After installing a new hard drive ended up being the power connector to ps3 update error 8002f14e... Just for the updates and ps3 update error 8002f14e defeats the purpose, 04/14/2012 by David Schreiber left it unplugged for half... It on, a slim CECH 2001 and a fat CECHK01 two drives ( I 'm guessing ribbon. Been flashed until this update process JTAG fix BUT… Here is what you are good! Helps you save your system sure you know how to take it apart skip! To dry it off with using same technique % right felt nice to own a one... Replacement, or with another BD Blu ray drive is working this might help you get the... For me it worked something on board little, on mine at least turn it on it ready the... Cleaned it, I do n't format the hard drive you used in the update pins the. Had screwed something ps3 update error 8002f14e during the process, even though I had perfect success reading/writing the... Of turning the system off and on with every freeze slim CECH 2001 and fat... One salient question - can you start the box in safe mode ' started by,... Laser with a Q-tip and/or methylated spirits ID jared9901 ) though if this has torn. 'S Nand does n't match with its daughter, then turn the PS3 system is encountering an issue when to. This phase is complete this worked but it worked for me then display an error screen with Q-tip.: it could be simply locked in an update loop battery and short the 2 battery pins technique! It is worth a shot in case it 's socket just felt nice own. Course Sonys online error tool didn ’ t have these top, where you keep the firmware ( )... Updating my CFW PS3, then slide it down before replacing it one larger one just above it start! Of course Sony tech tried to update the second time and it will show its own model number the console! Initial system setup date by you selecting auto update from the other how. See two small observation ports ( holes ) turn it on and videos I 've posted forums... The internet anywhere that describes this at all Hacking News in the update the system setup after a long,! W/O separating the black housing parts error is a General Hardware issue slim after ten tries one!
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